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Dark couch is hard for you choosing? Read on Cocheen blog can help you decide on the right tone for your dark couch.

Couches are for social settings that we tend to spend a lot of time in, and we should have long-lasting couch that we feel proud of everyday.

Design Styles 

Darker couch is generally admired for their durability and the cozy feel they bring to the room.

If you have pets, mischievous children, a dark couch would be the best option.

Darker couch is much easier to disguise dirt and keep looking clean for longer!

However, if you’re worried about how a dark couch will look in your room, there are many ways to get the best out of its dark features.

dark couch


When it comes to dark couch, flooring plays a huge part in the atmosphere it will create in your room.

If you want your couch to be a true focal point, it would be better to have light flooring, such as cream carpet, light wooden floorboards, etc., as a dark floor would make the couch appear less visible.

But don’t let that put you off!

If you have dark floor already, you can make your dark couch pop by choosing one with wooden legs, etc. to create visual space.

Or, you can even buy a beautiful, light color rug for your couch to perch on.

dark couch


If you like your space to feel bright and airy, you might want to rethink buying a dark couch if you have dark walls.

Sometimes, dark walls can close in the room, especially if there isn’t enough lighting, so adding a dark couch might make the room look a bit gloomy.

Neutral color walls go well with dark couch, as the couch will stand out against the walls.

However, dark walls and dark couch could work in a well-lit and spacious room and with the right accessories.

dark couch


A great way to make your dark couch look visually appealing is by adding some color cushions or throws.

It provides an eclectic and contrasting look, and will make the room appear brighter.

Some eye-catching pictures on the wall will break up the dark space between dark couch and walls.

dark couch



Dark couch are better placed away from sunlight.  So if it isn’t going to be situated in front of a window, it’ll be just fine.

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dark couch

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