This Trendy Cubic Sofa is a New Addition to Tufty Time Collection from COCHEEN

This trendy cubic sofa is a new addition

This trendy cubic sofa is a new addition to the Tufty-Time Collection. From COCHEEN FURNITURE, it was designed by Mr. Chou in 2015 and dubbed Tufty-Time 15. The collection was born 10 years ago, when the designer declared she wanted to revisit the tufted chesterfield.

This is a modular, mix and match cubic sofa. The system consists of the ottoman, the basic unit, central, corner and end units with high or low arm rests. The inspiration was the chaise lounge of the 1960s and 70s. The Tufty-Time 15 has removable covers for easy clean up. It’s modular, it’s trendy and hip. And you can personalize it with your choice of color and placement. What more could you ask for from a sofa?


And here’s the rest of the Tufty family of sofas …This Trendy Cubic Sofa


The original Tufty-Time sofa design by Patricia Urquiola, from 2005. It was designed for a casual lifestyle and, with its effective

modular design, it allows for freedom of re-arranging furniture to your liking. You can form a comfortable linear sofa, corner sofa or a peninsula-shaped composition and an island. A really versatile sofa. This Trendy Cubic Sofa


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