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Light couch is hard for you choosing? Read on Cocheen blog can help you decide on the right tone for your light couch.

Couches are for social settings that we tend to spend a lot of time in, and we should have long-lasting couch that we feel proud of everyday.

Design Styles 

Anybody going for an open and breezy look will find that a light color couch is perfect.

However, purchasing one with washable slipcovers will keep it looking fresh, as marks and stains are more visible on lighter surfaces, especially in a well-lit living room.

But the best thing is that there are endless design possibilities with light couch!

light couch


If you have light color flooring and love to change up your decor now and again, a light couch might work in your favour.

It provides more scope for other design styles, such as color accessories, etc.

After all, it is better to experiment with different palettes so you can redesign the room without having to change the couch.

However, a dark floor will let a light couch take center stage!

light couch


If you are seeking a minimalist look, a light couch would look great against neutral hued walls, such as white, cream, nude, etc.

It will keep the room looking spacious and fresh.

But don’t worry if you’re not a fan of neutral walls because dark walls would look great too, as it’d give the room more visual depth whilst still providing an open look.

light couch


Now, the best part about a light couch is that you can pair it with all types of accessories, as it works like a blank slate.

Whether it be orange, purple, red or blue accessories, anything will go, as long as it complements your wall decor.

It’s also a great way to jazz up your light couch and make it look like an art piece.

light couch



Light couch can be located anywhere in the room, as long as it’s in a place where it won’t get dirty too easily.

Whilst it’ll stand out in any location due to its bright tone, some sunlight will make it glow in your room – just make sure it’s clean.

light couch

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