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Sofa trends in 2019 will be our today’s sharing for your living room.Finding your dream sofa can be tricky. It’s one of the biggest furniture investments you will make, so you want to make sure it works for your personal style as well as your lifestyle. It also needs to be durable, classic and, of course, comfortable. To help guide you, we’ve rounded up the best of emerging sofa trends for you to swoon over. Let’s lounge on!



After years of minimalism enjoying all the design glory, maximalism is on the way up in a big way. Overall, furniture design is becoming more playful, more creative and more adventurous, and this is going to apply to sofas too. If you’re not feeling ready to commit to maximalism but fancy trying it out, sofas with contrast piping, contrast stitching and exposed seams all give a nod to the OTT look without requiring a major overhaul of your entire space. Then simply dress your sofa in layers of textiles with bold patterns and you’ll be maximalising with the best of them!

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If you can find the perfect sofa in a colour you love, the battle is halfway won. Knowing what to look for in 2019 colour-wise will help keep your space looking modern, fresh and oh-so zeitgeisty. In a nutshell, colour is back! Blush is the new neutral and pairs beautifully with greys and the more conventional neutrals to create a calming and harmonious colour scheme. It also pairs well with the bold colours that are going to be huge in the coming year; think navy, forest green, citrine, terracotta and peach. The rich jewel tones that experienced a resurgence alongside velvet in recent years are still going to be popular, and a sofa in any of these colours will help create a living space that is full of character, life, and is more than a little luxe.

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The 70s were a time of rebellion, the back to nature movement, rock n roll, some bold colours and plenty of shaggy textures. The modern reimagining of 70s style is more restrained, more elegant and infinitely chicer than the mission brown sofas you might be remembering! Rather than a flat-out homage to the sofas of iconic 70s vintage living spaces, the modern incarnation of the style uses similar colours, patterns and shapes that were popular then, but in a way that feels contemporary and fresh. Think sofas in earthy tones for all the back-to-nature vibes or stronger jewelled tones if you take your style cues from the edgier, glamorous side of the decade.

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Oh yes! Our love for curved sofas continues to increase and we can expect them to keep bringing intrigue, softness and an organic feel into your living space. This trend plays into the return of 70s and Art Deco styles, as well as the ideas of playfulness that designers are reporting on from all the major trade shows and design fairs. Curved chairs paired with a sofa are a super-chic way to introduce the look.

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