How to choose Fabric Sofas for a Small Space

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Fabric sofas for a small space can be a little tricky. However, there are always little tips and tricks that can make your small living room work perfectly and be a relaxing, functional space that works for all the family. Lets discover the best way to maximise on your minimal area.

Fabric Sofas for a Small Space:Corner Sofas

Contrary to belief a corner sofa works beautifully in a small space. If your living room is somewhat on the slender side a corner sofa or chaise sofa  can remedy “the corridor effect”. This is where you place a generic shaped sofa along a back wall and therefore creating a bit if a corridor. The presence of a corner sofa makes the space feel warm and inclusive. If you have guests it’s more sociable than having everyone sitting in a line!

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Fabric Sofas for a Small Space:Snuggler and Loveseats

Another fantastic sofa for a small living space is a snuggler aka a “loveseat” .It’s not a three-seater, more like a 1.5 to a two! Perfect for a nook, a teeny-weeny room or corner under the stairs. One of our personal favourites has got to be the sumptuous EG-001 in spiced yellow.

fabric sofas

Fabric Sofas for a Small Space:Accent Chair

An accent chair is a great way to finish a small living room. Perhaps the room is only big enough for one sofa. But you would like for it to be a bit more than just a sofa in the room. With the addition of an accent chair your living space can be more functional for extra bums on seats.It’s also a wonderful way of accessorising a living room . Perhaps go for  a bold coloured velvet?

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Fabric Sofas for a Small Space:Statements Sofa

Statement sofas are not only for expansive quarters, believe it or not they work wonders in a ditty room too! Don’t be afraid to experiment with fun printed fabrics and bold colours to help lift the mood and distract from the size of the room  is just the ticket with it’s gorgeous floral fabric. Keep everything else in the room low key and let your sofa do all the talking.

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Fabric Sofas for a Small Space:Multipurpose Sofas

It’s important if you live in a small space to really make what you have work to full capacity. Use every bit of wall space, use multipurpose, functional furniture etc, etc. It’s a super modern shape and ridiculously restful..Sofa beds really have come a long way in recent years, thankfully the sofa bed gods answered our prayers to banish the awkward, uncomfortable ways of old. Today sofa beds  are impressive, not only a delight to sit on but also to ensure your guests have a dreamy night and wake up bright as a button come the morning. You may not have the extra bedroom but definitely have the extra bed, ta da as if by magic a problem solved!

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The options are endless. Just because your living area may be bijou it certainly doesn’t mean that it has to be boring or uncomfortable. Experiment! Rules are made to be broken, often broken rules make for great new ones!

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