Cocheen Hot Summer Velvet Sofa in 2019

velvet sofa

Today we will share our Cocheen Hot Summer Velvet sofa in 2019.It’s that time of year, we’ve had summer solstice and we are waiting for the sun to put his hat on.Therefore it is without doubt time for summer velvets! In the meantime, our love affair with velvet continues. Discover some velvet brights that are sure to wet your appetite and give you some fun bright inspiration. We have amalgamated quite the selection of velvets and added in our expert styling tips to give you something to think about.

Summer Velvet Sofa:Sunshine Yellow

There’s no wonder that the colour of happiness is yellow, all things sunshine yellow! What a wonderful way to inject some happiness into your home with an exquisitely bright sunny velvet. Our styling tip would be the KD-19056, for a really eclectic interior why not pair the sofa with tropical trinkets, birds of paradise and mystical jungle creatures , should you feel particularly daring why not add some animal print. This is enough to put a smile on anybody faces, even in a grey day.

Summer Velvet Sofa:Forest Greens

Forest greens are good for everyone, not only on your plate but in your living space as well! Green velvets are extremely popular, we’ve seen emerald tones,  moss greens. Let us now explore a forest fresher approach, may I introduce to you forest green on the form of  KD-19056 4-SEATER SOFA! It’s crisp and wonderfully calming. Sticking with the natural soothing vibe our choice of styling would be to include organic materials, using rattans, plenty of plants and if your lucky enough to have exposed brick work let the rawness show through.


Summer Velvet Sofa:Pretty in Hot Red

Pretty in Hot RED, why ever not! It is summer after all so let’s keep things HOT off the press!  Is this not every girls dream to be the proud owner of a hot red velvet sofa? Our CO-674 is just the ticket. Oozing classical style this sofa is surprisingly versatile, its classic lines give it a timeless air of elegance, the bright red velvet instils the fun, playful factor, add in gold tones and / or some monochromatic accessorise and POW, you’ve packed yourself a hot red punch!

velvet sofa

Summer Velvet Sofa:Sky Blue

The Sky Blueof our EG-007 is rich and strong. It is in no doubt a statement sofa to be reckoned with. This particular velvet looks fabulous with the ethnic nomad vibe that’s been trending in 2019. They’re in warm rich wall colours, complimentary colour of indigo blues and spiced reds. This vibe will carry through all seasons handsomely.

velvet sofa


In a nutshell there are so many playful ways to experiment with velvets when choosing your dream sofa. Well,it really is a case of anything goes. There is a velvet for every occasion, especially now that velvets are so very durable and long lasting. Even a wine spillage is not match for todays clever velvets!

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