5 Stylish Contemporary Apartment-Sized Sofas for the New Renter

Why you should own a chic Contemporary Apartment-Sized Sofas

Transitioning from dorm room to adult apartment can be awkward, it’s true. You’ve outgrown a lot of things, including that twin-sized bed and worn-out futon.

As an adult, you’ll need furniture that you can rely on for more than four years . it certainly doesn’t hurt if those pieces add style to your rental’s blank walls. We suggest putting some of your next paycheck towards any of these chic  Contemporary Apartment-Sized Sofas

The Cool Blue Velvet Sofa

This summer, blue velvet sofas made their mark on the interior design world, and we’re happy to report that they’re not going away any time soon. If you love the bold look but don’t have room for a full-length sectional, you can still enjoy an apartment-sized piece like this one featured in this casually-cool living room designed by Mr. Young Chou.

The Tufted Tweed

Want to add dimension to your apartment’s blank walls? Even a small tufted sofa will get the job done. In this living room from Cocheen Furniture , a neutral couch with a tufted back instantly adds depth and sophistication to the cozy setting.


The Versatile Neutral

When you’re just starting out, it’s important to choose furniture that will grow with you over the years. That’s why a suitably-sized, neutral sofa by Cocheen Furniture is a must for renters. Thanks to its off-white hues, it can be easily accessorized with colorful throw pillows for a tasteful new look.   Contemporary Apartment-Sized Sofas


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