The Best and Most Comfortable Sofas of the Year-1 –COCHEEN

Best Large Couch (Also Best Deep Couch) : MODEL KD-19055


Let’s begin by saying that the Most Comfortable Sofas KD-19055 is very appropriately named. It’s your go to choice if you’re looking for “oversized modern seating” (in COCHEEN  own words).

Made famous for its exaggerated seating depth, one doesn’t simply sit on the Most Comfortable Sofas KD-19055 – you lounge on it.

So it’s not so great for those who like upright seating, because at a seat depth of 29”, you won’t be getting much of that.

Only the tallest of the tall will have the privilege of having their feet touch the floor while seated against the backrest.

But if you’re the type who enjoys living on the sofa, the Most Comfortable Sofas KD-19055 is perfect for you.

It’s supremely comfy with thick fabric covers and massive, soft cushions that you sink into. The ability to expand it to any size you want (if it’s the sectional version) is also a big plus for anyone looking to future proof their living room or create their own sofa island.

COCHEEN Furniture is no new face and have been in the sofa business for years. Their sofas are made in China from kiln dried hardwood which is quality stuff that should last a long time.

But don’t take our word for it, COCHEEN FURNITURE  has numerous showrooms for you to pop in and determine for yourself if this is your couch.


Welcome to China! And welcome to our showroom f or our  win-win business !




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