5 Contemporary Sofa Style New Design You Want in 2021

Sofa styles

In the sofa world-Contemporary Sofa Style New Design, you’ll find numerous styles to choose from. Below, we describe the broad sofa categories you’ll likely encounter as you shop for this important piece of furniture.


Traditional sofas

The most basic sofa is the traditional sofa. It has a back, armrests, and two or three cushions over a solid base. The back should be covered with two or three attached or removable cushions. Arm height, width, and design vary by style. Some styles have high arms that sit at the same level as the back of the frame, such as in the tuxedo, Chesterfield, and cabriole styles. Others have low arms, like the English sofa. Wood and metal make up the base. Contemporary Sofa Style New Design

Sectional sofas

One of the most popular sofas on the market, the sectional sofa provides versatility with a maximum amount of seating. As the name suggests, this type of sofa comes in sections which fit together to make different configurations. The most popular configurations are the “L” and “U” shape; both come in a variety of sizes.

Some sectional sofas have reclining sections, and some include a chaise lounge. Sectional sofa styles run the gamut from English to mid-century modern – and everything in between. 


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