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Lovely sofa: The best thing in the house

Lovely sofa where you can stretch out and watch a film. Or that cozy armchair where you can snuggle up to read a good book. We’re sure you know the pleasures we’re talking about. There’s really nothing better than spending a lazy Sunday on the sofa. Or having a quick lie-down when we come home from work. For us, the sofa is one of the best pieces of furniture in the house.

lovely sofa

We spend time pondering on the best choice for us. Because design and comfort should go hand in hand. The sofa is one of the highlights of our decoration scheme.But at the same time it’s where we spend most of our time resting and enjoying. There are lots of people who spend more time on the couch than in bed!

lovely sofa

Today, we’re giving you 20 reasons why the sofa is really the best piece of furniture in the whole house.

Here we go for lovely sofa:

  1. The sofa is the most comfortable seat in the whole house. No chair or armchair can compete with it.
  2. We can watch films, TV series or football matches on the sofa and enjoy maximum comfort.Whether it’s with family, friends or on your own.
  3. The lovely sofa is the best place to relax and chill out after a long day at work.
  4. You can snack and drink on your lovely sofa while enjoying your favorite TV series or film.
  5. If you buy a sofa-bed, you’ve got two things in one.So it’s really great when you have guests around.
  6. When you’re not well, the sofa is where you mostly likely want to spend your time recovering. If you do have to stay home, at least you can enjoy watching some TV, right?
  7. When friends come, the sofa is the center  point for lots of good memories!
  8. You can  enjoy those cold winter days nestled up in a blanket up  with hot tea, coffee or chocolate.
  9. The sofa is usually the focal point for a great party.
  10. If you need to study and memorize a whole stack of notes,  the sofa is perfectly to match.
  11. The sofa is a piece of furniture you can usually personalize, so it’s 100% to your personality.
  12. The sofa is definitely the best place to curl up and have a nice phone conversation.
  13. If you are unlucky enough to have a bed that’s not too comfortable, your sofa can become your best friend for a nice rest during the day and evening.
  14. You can lay out any of your hobbies on the sofa and spend some time with them, such as drawing, sewing, playing video games, reading or listening to music. Aren’t these all much better if you can sit or relax comfortably on your nice cozy sofa?
  15. Is there anywhere better to have a snack or a TV dinner than sitting on your sofa? No way.
  16. You can share some space with your pet: your cat, dog, iguana, python… whatever you have!
  17. If you choose well, the sofa will undoubtedly be the star piece in your lounge decoration, or wherever you decide to put it.
  18. On a sofa, you can play with your kids and spend time imagining it’s a pirate ship or a castle or whatever – the only limit is your imagination.
  19. The sofa is the best place to spend some weekend time when you’re tired and need to disconnect.
  20. The sofa in arguably the best piece of furniture because it inspires beautiful memories for the whole house.

lovely sofa

And that’s because a good lovely sofa becomes a private little place where we share so many good times with the people we love. Post it! Love your lovely sofa!


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