Modular and Modern: The Future of the Sectional Sofa in Cocheen Furniture

Modular and Modern: The Future of the Sectional Sofa


Modular and Modern: The Future of the Sectional Sofa

Sectional sofas (Modular and Modern) have often been thought of as giant pieces that are suitable only for expansive living rooms in luxury homes or the sprawling rec rooms made out of basements. They have typically been large, chunky pieces that come “as is,” with few options for changing up the style to suit your needs.

All that is some changing.

Today’s modular sofas are small and chic. They can fit in the tiniest studio apartments, and they are adaptable to any design aesthetic. If you are getting ready to change up your interior design, you should consider using a modular couch in your living room or other gathering space.

Of course, what we said  not really mean that the BIG SECTIONAL is out of style now. They are still representing the high-end & luxury furnishings nowadays. It just mean that modular sofa is more and more convenient in these day with the numerous house increasingly are being built.

Here’s what’s in store for the future of the modular sectional sofa:

Interchangeable Design

Sectional sofasused to come as one big piece – maybe two if you were lucky. Now, many modular sofas are sold in individual units. For every seat the couch has, you have a piece. Think of the couch as coming in individual blocks that can be placed next to each other in whatever configuration you want.

You will still have pieces that have arm rests on them, so you will be somewhat limited in how you can use those pieces. However, you will have much greater flexibility in the design. You can put together multiple cubes to make a longer sofa. You can put together multiple corner pieces to make a different shape than the basic “L.” You can even increase the depth of the couch by putting multiple cubes next to each other. You’ll have a “lounging pit” rather than the basic sofa!

Great Fabric Choices

Today’s modular sofas come in a range of colors, patterns, and texture choices.  You can get a sofa that matches any décor you are creating.

A new feature of modular sofas is that each of the pieces can be ordered in different fabrics. You can choose different fabric types, or different colors. Or you can order them in the same color but different patterns, or the same pattern but different colors. For example, one piece might have yellow polka dots and the other pieces have pink, green, and blue. Or you might get a red sofa, but different pieces have hearts, stripes, flowers, or dots. The future of modular sofas is one of ultimate choice!

We own a fabric mill, so that perhaps the most significant benefit for you as a retailer or wholesaler is that no matter which fabric you choose , the prices never change from us! 

Modular and Modern: The Future of the Sectional Sofa in Cocheen



Improved Comfort

Older modular sofas with simple designs were not always the most comfortable. In fact, sitting on them often felt like sitting on cardboard layered over floral foam. These couches were more for looking at than sitting on.

Fortunately, the technology has advanced significantly, and it continues to do so. Many of today’s modular sofas are more comfortable than your bed. The modular sofa bed is designed to be just as comfortable whether you are sitting on it or sleeping on it. These couches and sofa beds have just the right amount of support, but they are also soft and inviting. You won’t ever want to get up!

Expand Furniture has a nice selection of modular sofas with pieces to mix and match to suit your needs. They come with a variety of fabric choices, with some sofas even giving you the option to mix and match fabrics on the same modular couch. Browse our catalog to find the perfect modular sectional sofa for your home, or look for other small apartment furniture such as We offer the perfect stylish furniture for small space living.



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