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Sofa Design Considerations tips for buy a couch

Sofa Design Considerations:for buy a couch

Today Cocheen Furniture will offer some tips how to buy a perfect couch from Sofa Design Considerations.As you know, Sofa’s manufacture is base on its design by Sofa designer.Below we will provide 3 tips base on number of cushions, sofa back type, as well as sofa depth. Hope this article will be useful for you buying a perfect sofa in your living room.

Sofa Design

Sofa Design Considerations:Number of cushions. 

Asking yourself how many people you want to seat might sound silly. But the truth is, nobody likes sitting on the crack. So if you get a sofa with two cushions, expect just two people to use it. To accommodate more people, get a sofa with three cushions or a single long cushion, called a bench cushion.

Sofa Design

Sofa Design Considerations:Sofa back type.

 Sofas generally come with one of two types of backs: a pillow back, which has removable cushions or pillows along the rear; or a tight back, in which the upholstery is tailored to the contours of the sofa’s back.

Pillow-back sofas are generally considered more comfortable and inviting, but there’s a downside: Unless you’re diligent with your fluffing, the cushions will usually look slightly askew.

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Design Considerations tips:Sofa depth. 

When it comes to sofas, one size does not fit all. The depth of the seat and the angle of the back will influence how comfortable you feel.
How do you know what depth is right for you? Let experience be your guide. If there’s a sofa or chair that you find particularly comfortable, measure the distance from the inside of your knee to the spot where your lower back hits the back of the sofa, then buy a sofa that has similar dimensions.

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So,through above detail design considerations tips, do you have some good idea for buying a perfect sofa in your living room? If you want to check more new good design items for sofa,please click on our website: cocheen.com

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