Sofa style- decorating styles come and go and all designs

Sofa style:

Farmhouse, mid-century modern, scandinavian – decorating styles come and go and all designs lasts through the ages.

Ask yourself if your living room settled in it’s identity, which then you’ll want a sofa with a shape and color that suits it, or if not you need a more versatile looking sofa to change up as you discover your tastes.


Extra features:

Somehow over the years, the common sofa has evolved to accommodate a host of secondary functionality.

Whether you’ll need any of it is another story but you just might find a coupe of nifty features you didn’t know you wanted.

Sofa beds for example are a thing. They are particularly useful for homes that accommodate lots of guests.

Our favourite feature of all though are slipcovers. Slipcovered sofas give you the option to renew and change the color pallete of your sofa from time to time.

Of course upholstery is an option as well, though the extreme price and effort involved is a big turn off.

Oh and did I mention some slipcovers are even machine washable to make your cleaning life easy breezy?

Just unzip the cushions and throw them into the wash. Parents with messy kids (or furbabies) will wonder how they ever lived without them.


Contemporary Sofa for style

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