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Sofa’s new trend:Urban rustic style

Sofa’s new trend:Urban rustic style.Mixing “rustic” and “urban” within the same phrase may seem like nonsense. But we must leave all our prejudices behind. Because if something is characterised by the current era in which we live. It is by the most crazy and different mergers to achieve innovative, fresh and combinations of impact.

Today we explain everything about this sofa’s new trend: Urban rustic style.

sofa's new trend

Sofa’s new trend:the materials, essentials.

The importance of the materials in this new style is crucial to define it perfectly, since the essence of the rustic is based on it. The more natural, the better.

The wood in all its types, is a must when thinking about furniture and ornamentation. Polished cement and concrete also give that rustic touch.Because they are basic, authentic materials, we could say. Fabrics such as linen and cotton to dress the house will also help you with this effect.

In contrast, you can look for decorative objects that use highly processed and unnatural materials such as brightly coloured plastics or more synthetic fabrics introduced into the environment as small touches to the decoration.

sofa's new trend

Sofa’s new trend:Original elements of the house

If you are lucky enough to live in a house with history, why hide it? This does not mean that we have to keep everything as it was 100 years ago, but we can take advantage of those elements that give us more to play with.

For example, expose some of the original brick work, or keep those authentic floor tiles of the 20’s and 30’s with their beautiful modernist and Art Deco drawings, which with their geometric shapes which are once again in fashion. All mixed in an appropriate way with modern furniture to achieve precisely the urban rustic style that we are looking for.

sofa's new trend

Sofa’s new trend:From the countryside to the city

Surely you have seen some rustic furniture that you loved, but thinking about your location at home you have discarded the idea because you did not find the suitable space for it. Well, with this new style, all that will change. So be daring with that old country table, with a nice cupboard, with a wooden chair… Obviously it is not a good idea to go overboard with things, since this type of furniture will have a great impact on the rest of the decoration, giving it a lot of personality, but without clashing too much with the rest.

sofa's new trend

Play with the styles, mix the modern and the old, the rustic and the cosmopolitan. You will see instantly just what a transformation it will make in your house. These are just some basic keys for lovers of rustic environments who love living in the city. Now you have a base to continue researching and testing things out on your own, and that’s one of the arts of decorating!

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