Tips to Design a Contemporary Living Room on a Budget

Thinking of redesigning your living room on a budget? If yes, then you have come to the right place.

“Budget is no longer an issue when it comes to beautiful home interiors as there are ample cost-effective tips and tricks,” believes  COCHEEN FURNITURE. In this post, we shares some of our tried and tested décor tips to give your living room a complete makeover.


Add layers of texture

Give your living room an ethnic vibe without trying too hard. A mishmash of materials, colours and patterns creates a charming look that’s high on elegance, yet light on the pocket. Pile on some cheerfully mismatched cushions, and add layers of texture with a woollen throw, soft pile rug, a tiny rattan table and potted plants.-Contemporary Living Room

Breathe new life into vintage pieces

Look no further than the attic for some old pieces of furniture that can be lovingly restored for use in your living room. A vintage armchair and chest of drawers find pride of place in this eclectic living room, cleverly mismatched and redone in a colourful palette. The neutral backdrop ensures that the colours don’t clash with each other.-Contemporary Living Room

Recycle and upcycle

If your budget doesn’t stretch to include new furniture, recycle old packing crates and wooden pallets to create unique furniture like a centre table. The handloom rug and simple sectional couch are also easily doable, even on a shoestring budget. -Contemporary Living Room