4 Sofa Trends To Covet In 2022

The single most used – and one would hope, loved – piece of furniture in your home is your sofa. And as any interior stylist would tell you, if you want to instantly update your living room, you can totally transform the space with a new and stylish sofa.

Given the importance of this piece of furniture, it makes sense that you research, consider and choose your sofa with care. As with any year, there are trends to track, but perhaps, this year more than any other, the comfort of your home is paramount – and this is reflected in the sofa designs that are most coveted for 2021.

1. Luxurious Sofas

What we learnt in 2020, is if you’re going to spend a lot of time in the home; you want your space and furniture to be both supremely comfortable and stylish. Regardless of the size, style or colour of your sofa, the number one consumer request for 2021, is superior design and craftsmanship.

2. Exceedingly Comfortable and Oversized Couches

Call it the ‘Cocoon Effect’, this desire for supreme comfort is most likely a consequence to spending more time in our home in the last year. And one obvious element of sofa design that translates to extreme comfort, is size.

While many of us may be considering an oversized sofa, we’re also adding lashings of lush cushions to create another layer of sumptuous comfort to our lounging. A word of caution when choosing an oversized sofa; be sure to realistically factor in the scale of your sofa to suit your living space.

3. Contemporary Modular and L-shaped Sofas

One of the most versatile choices for a sofa is a modular design. These contemporary sofas usually come in a practical L-shape design. Streamlined and supremely comfortable, there’s little wonder that modular sofas are increasingly popular.

A modular sofa can be arranged to fit almost any living space, providing a variety of convenient configurations. The other advantage is they seat more than a classic sofa, making them the perfect choice for families and those with larger living rooms.


4. Popular Colour Palettes for 2021

  • Grey is the new black – with the added advantage of grey coming in an unlimited range of shades. Grey is both sophisticated and practical, plus it tends to fit in with almost any style of living space, as well as mixing well with most other colours.
  • Rich emerald green denotes luxury – plus it works with both classic designs as it does with sleek, contemporary designs.
  • Navy blue will always remain a favourite as long as the Hamptons look prevails – and that classic coastal style of interiors isn’t fading any time soon. Navy also coordinates perfectly with white and natural materials such as wood, rattan and bamboo.
  • Think pink if you want to make a statement – pink is a sophisticated, warm and welcoming colour that also speaks of a sense of fun.
  • White – while wildly impractical, who doesn’t love an elegant white sofa? White works with anything – from Scandinavian styled interiors, to stark minimalism through to a classically designed living room.
  • Princely purple is lush – it’s also a regal colour that implies a grand style of living. Purple is also a colour that works beautifully with gold accented furniture and fittings.