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How to keep your sofa upholstery in perfect condition

We always want to keep our sofa pholstery in perfect condition. Especially when you buy a sofa, you are so happy with its brand new looks.So happy that  nice new smell that permeates the room.And with the fabric treatment that is pleasant to your hand or even your face. But keep these conditions over the ensuing weeks and months, is a totally a hard thing.

That’s why we are explaining, today, how extremely easy it really is to keep your sofa upholstery in top condition over time, without too much fuss,and a few simple cleaning and maintenance tricks that will save you lots of time.

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Tips to keep sofa upholstery in perfect condition:Vacuuming

First, remember that sofas have a treatment that prevents dust and hair from adhering to the fabric. Even so, for better overall maintenance, it’s a good idea to vacuum a few times a week between the cushions to remove crumbs or lint that may have slipped between them or around the edges or folds in the fabric. Although this may sound obvious, there are too many people who skip this step in daily room cleaning, leaving dirt or debris on or under cushions, which eventually shortens the life of your sofa upholstery.

Also, if your sofa is against a wall, don’t forget to slide it forward to vacuum the back, as this is where dust tends to accumulate, both on the upholstery and on the wall behind it. And it’s also a good idea to shake the cushions outside or on a terrace, which not only removes dust and hairs, but also keeps them nice and soft.

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Tips to keep sofa upholstery in perfect condition: a little water

Once you’ve removed any remaining dirt, crumbs, dust or hair, you should check for stains from food or organic waste.

The only thing you need is a cloth or paper towel and some water , and in just a few minutes after rubbing you will see how the stain disappers from your upholstery as if by magic. If the stain is little tough, you can get the same magic a little faster if you add a few drops of soap to the water. You’ll see how easy it is to say goodbye to that stain.

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Tips to keep sofa upholstery in perfect condition:Scuffs from daily use

If you notice that your sofa fabric is a little dingy due to daily use or scuffs, the cleaning process is similar.

Although there are specific upholstery cleaning products on the market, they are usually quite expensive and the results you actually get are barely noticeable. We recommend that you prepare a chemical-free, home-made mixture that will not damage either your health, your sofa upholstery or the environment, and give you perfect results.

Just heat a glass of water and give it a splash of mild soap, such as everyday hand soap. Mix it in well and with the help of a cloth, go over the entire surface gently using circular movements, pressing down a little more on areas with more dirt or grime.

That’s it! Your sofa will smell beautiful again, and will have the look and feel that you loved the first day you bought it. As you can see, it’s simple and quick to keep the upholstery on your sofa, chair or armchairs looking brand new, without spending any extra money. Can you ask for anything more?

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