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3 Big Factors should checking before choosing a home sofa

Choosing a home sofa seems it’s a easy thing. You really think so? Maybe you don’t think it’s a easy thing for you.Here Cocheen Upholstery will keep to post 3 big factors which will be the tips for you choosing a home sofa.

home sofa

Choosing Home sofa tips :Check the springs.

Most sofas or couches have springs, but some are just made of webbing or mesh slings. Springs make for a sturdy and comfortable couch.To test the springs, feel them through the upholstery. They should be tight and close together, but not feel like they are poking through the fabric.

home sofa

Choosing Home sofa tips :Check the fabric.

How a couch looks is one thing, but the strength of the fabric is a whole different story. Cotton and linen upholstery is reasonably priced and easy to clean. Microfiber blends can act like cotton and are stain resistant. Leather looks nice and lasts a long time, but is extremely expensive. Natural blends with polyester can snag and wear out overtime. Silk gives the couch a sleek look but is very hard to care for. Pick out the style and looks you like that will also be durable and worth the price.

home sofa

Choosing Home sofa tips :Make a plan for couch choice fits in

You’re not buying a couch for use in isolation, after all. You need to make sure it fits in its intended room, when it comes both to size and to layout. Measure the couch and make sure it’ll fit, of course, but also consider the style and vibe of the room. If it’s a large, dark unit in an otherwise light room, will it be overwhelming or feel out place? If it’s much smaller than what you have now, will it make the room feel empty or leave you lacking seating options?

Try sketching out a floor plan or even moving furniture around to get an idea of how it’ll fit; you can mark the size of the couch on the floor with masking tape if you really want to know exactly where it’ll go.

home sofa

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