Most Comfortable Sofas

Whether you’re curled up for a catnap, glued to the latest Netflix series or hosting this month’s game night, the couch is where you’ll be spending your days.

It’s the centrepiece of any living room and the most used piece of furniture that will (hopefully) be around for many years to come.

Needless to say, it’s a commitment.

But picking a sofa that will practically grow up with you is a terrifying thought.

What if it isn’t what you thought you wanted?

After all, the Most Comfortable Sofas are some of the priciest pieces of furniture and are costly (not to mention tedious) to replace. Which means they are a choice you do not want to get wrong.

We get that! And we’re here to help you pick your dream sofa.


Sofa consideration factors

More than just a computer or phone that we purchase to get us through the next few years, sofas last a lot longer and are much more expensive.

Before we jump into our top sofa picks of the year, you’ll want to spend some quality alone time thinking about what your needs are and how that sofa is going to factor in.

“Best” varies from person to person after all so here’s a list of not so obvious things that you might want to think about.



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