How to pick the right sofa & how to catch your furnishings market

The sofa is definitely one of the most expensive and powerful pieces of your home ….It defines your main room , it is the focal element of your living room and a place where you relax and spend many of the most important moments of your home…It is the piece that you need to pay attention while purchasing in order to be exactly what you want it to be…Below I have some guidelines on how to pick the right sofa 



Go for comfort …Whatever this might mean to you …Some people like their sofa really cushy and loungy; others prefer a more stiff straight back experience…understand what best fits your needs and go for it full-hearted …The sofa is where you spend most of your relaxing times and if you cannot do that then there is something wrong …Pick a sofa in a beautiful -but practical- upholstery that won’t make you nervous or forbid you enjoying the best of your living room ..Tweets ,velvets , leathers, knits, suede’s are great options for a quality sofa. Also , you could use this element to choose the marketable models ( Soft Cushion, Deep Seat, Long Chaise, also modern design )in furnishings market increasing the sale.

Every market , every year, the fabric is one of the most important factor to depend if the model is popular in that time. 


Size Matters(Modular Sofa)

Do not look into buying the biggest and grandest sofa there is out there; even if you have the space….Try to understand your space… Sometimes proportions require smaller more compact sofas and you can always accent the room with trendy armchairs…As a rule of thumb the more boxy your sofa is the more creative your accent chairs need to be, in order to complement the space and make it appear more interesting.  Modular is one the best choice nowadays in furnishings market, when all the apartment become more and more small and delicate.

Small spaces

On the other hand if you have a smaller space, then maybe you might want to think about an armless sofa …Beautiful side tables will serve as a great resting spots on each side and you can get creative by using trendy designs that will add to the décor…Lower coffee tables are always a must in a smaller space; they allow freedom of movement as well as declutter the room


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