Secrets To Maximizing Your Small Living Area with COCHEEN

Whether you live in a studio apartment or in a beautiful large home finding space to keep all your stuff is always a hassle. Even when you think you have found space, somehow the room ends up not being large enough for all of your necessities. This tends to be particularly true for those that have a small living space. The good news is there are a few things you can do to maximize your space and make the most of it. Here are a few decorating secrets to keep in mind.

Cozy it Up


Cozying up a room may seem easy, but in all actuality, many homeowners become a bit overwhelmed due to adding a little bit too much decor. You want to add that cozy feel without overcrowding the space. Add signature elements such as throw pillows and blankets.Maximizing Your Small Living Area with COCHEEN 

When most of us think of the word “cozy” we might think of colder seasons, and even cramped up spaces. However, in this case, the idea is to maintain a cozy feel without adding too many elements to the room. Keep it cozy by having your seating placed closely together adding a rug, and having a few throw pillows that compliment the room.


Even in the smallest room, you want to have a brightening effect. Having that classic white hue displayed through the room will not only brighten the room but it will immediately make it feel larger.Maximizing Your Small Living Area with COCHEEN 

White is the ultimate brightening color. Keep your floors and walls white for a brightening effect that flows throughout. You can add other hues as part of your furniture; however, your main elements you want to keep them bright.



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