Sofa trends 2021: the latest ideas for a modern living room

Design trends change – the sofa remains.

The classics’ popularity slightly fades under the pressure of modernity, which gives way to art deco in the top trends. However, the sofa remains a critical element of furnishing living rooms, halls, and bedrooms. When drawing up a plan for arranging objects in a room, designers pay maximum attention to their appearance and location.

Some interior experts are sure: if you want to update the decor in the room, but you are not ready for a radical renovation, a fashionable sofa will make it easy to cope with such a task. Today, manufacturers, together with decorators, set trends in furniture design from season to season – it remains only to determine which one is closest to your comfort and style ideas.

Grey living room ideasSmooth rounded lines

Today, the dominance of precise geometric forms of upholstered furniture is still noticeable. Austere linear and angular models with laconic backs and rectangular armrests still adorn interiors in the loft and high-tech style. Nevertheless, designers have already noted a new trend – a significant softening of impetuous, sometimes even too hard lines.

Already in 2021, connoisseurs of home warmth will be able to boldly furnish the interior with sofas with smoothly rounded armrests and soft outlines of the backs. In addition to the absolutely pacifying design, such models have another definite advantage – they can perfectly coexist with both sharp and equally cozy interior items. COCHEEN FURNITURE


Modularity comes first

The main objective of the sofa is still the ability to provide maximum comfort to the owners. That is why upholstered furniture that allows you to organize a recreation area following your wishes has almost not lost its popularity today. Today, leading furniture manufacturers offer the most mobile options – from sofas that can change the configuration from linear to angular to semicircular models that can transform into several cozy armchairs at once.

A bit of vintage

On the eve of 2021, an unexpected and very curious trend has emerged in interior design – increased interest in vintage furniture and decor. This is partly dictated by nostalgia for the old solid and elegant interiors and partly by the general trend towards caring for the environment and wise consumption. Whatever it is, designers agree on one thing: furniture with history today has become an excellent way of self-expression and manifestation of its openness to the world.

Even if you couldn’t get your hands on an authentic vintage sofa, you shouldn’t worry: furniture brands are already creating entire collections of models in styles that were relevant at the beginning and middle of the last century. Those who are not alien to such an interior philosophy should pay attention to the following models:

  • Chesterfield. The famous carriage coupler, high rounded armrests, and textured upholstery in dark and rich colors are relevant today not only for the classic interiors for which they were once created, but also for more modern and daring ones, such as loft and steampunk.
  • Tuxedo. The sofa with a high rigid back and armrests forming a single line with it is an echo of the last century’s twenties, when such furniture was adorned in clubs for real gentlemen. Today, designers manage to use them in the most unexpected environments – including rustic and eclectic interiors.
  • Camelback. A model that captivates with its restrained proportions, small armrests, and a characteristic curvature of the backrest, today it is incredibly in demand in such styles as retro, Scandinavian and modern.